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Referee Courses
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2018 All Referee Clinic – GR7, GR6, GR5 and emeritus referees 
Register to attend Fitness Testing and/or Clinic hours for Grades 7 - 5 Recertification at the Saturday July 15, 2017 All Referee Clinic. The recertification and assessment fees are paid in the appropriate link for Grade 7 or Grade 6 recertification. Grade 7 Distinguished candidates pay their assessment fee in a separate course and must complete both the Fitness Test and clinic in the same session.
GR 8, 9 and 7 All Referee Clinic  
July 15, 2017 @ the Crowne Plaza in Addison, TX. This is a continuing education opportunity to sharpen your skills as a referee. This clinic is for current GR 8, 9 and GR7 Referees. This is not an entry level clinic. Join your fellow referees for a fun, interactive learning event. Register on Gameofficials – course
GR5 Upgrade Assessments 
Once you have completed all testing, and classroom requirements, you will sign into this course. You will need to pass 3 middle assessments conducted by three different National Coaches.
GR7 Distinguished Referee (2017 Registration) 
Current GR7 Referees that would like to start the upgrade process to State Referee. The first step is attending a GR7 Distinguished course. We offer this course 3 times a year. The requirements in addition to attending a 5 hour course. You will also have to pass a fitness test, take a an additional exam – a 100 question exam. You will set up two assessments – 1 as a Referee, 1 as an AR. You will pay an additional $50 fee to cover the cost of 1 of the 2 assessments.
Grade 8 Clinic - Online + 8 Hours On Site 
Minimum age is 13. The clinic combines an online session that is critical to your success on the field as a referee in addition to an 8 hour on site classroom session. Upon completion of both and passing the exam. You will be a Grade 8 Referee, receive your badge and be ready to start refereeing.
Minimum age is 12. This level of a referee will work games that are Under 4-8. Small sided games of 4v4. These games have only one referee. This is the perfect place for the 12-year-old and some 13/14 year-olds to start with refereeing. The Grade 9 Referee clinic is 5.5 hours on site.
North Texas Registration for National Referees (Candidates) 
North Texas registration for officials that register directly with US Soccer.
Annual clinic for referees seeking advancment to Grades 6 and 5.
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Assessor Courses
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Assessor Clinic 
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Assignor Courses
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Assignor Clinic 
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Instructor Courses
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Grade 8 - Online Laws & Review for INSTRUCTORS 
Test Grade 8 On-line 
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Combined Courses
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INFORMATION - 2012/13 Amendments to Laws of the Game 
Presentation of the 2012-13 Amendments to the Laws of the Game. Review prior to testing for 2013 re-certification.
Assessor Instructor Workshop 
Assessor Instructor Workshop