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All Referee Clinic - Grade 8 & 9 Sign Up 
Allows CURRENT Grade 8 & 9 referee Sign up for the Saturday, July 16 All Referee Clinic. NOT AN ENTRY LEVEL CLINIC. This clinic satisfies the annual requirement for registration year 2017 for 5 hours of continuing training. No Fee is required. Re-certification testing will not be done at the clinic. Fee payment and exam may be completed on-line in the normal GameOfficials re-certification courses up through Jan 31, 2017. After this date a $10 reinstatement fee is added.
If you have already upgraded to Grade 7 or recertified for 2016 by completing the appropriate on-line course you may take this clinic if: - at least 17 years of age - min. 1 year experience in Grade 8 if certified prior to July 1, 2013; or 1 year in Grade 7. Payment of $50 is for the assessments which may be scheduled upon completion of this course. CLINIC MAXIMUM IS 36 STUDENTS.
Grade 8 Clinic - Online + 8 Hours On Site 
Grade 8 clinic has 17 videos in GAMEOFFICIALS.. Sessions correspond to the 17 Laws of the Game with interactive questions, ALL MUST BE COMPLETED PRIOR TO THE ON SITE CLINIC. Score of at least 75% in each session is required to move to the next session. This material will be tested on-site. Sessions B - E are done at the clinic location. Bring your lunch if no transportation. CLINIC CLOSES TO NEW REGISTRATIONS 72 HOURS PRIOR. Withdrawal within 72 hours results in loss of $35 in fees.
Grade 8 Entry Level Exam - Re-Test Only 
Course allows for online re-test for those students scoring at least 70 on the Entry Level Clinic Exam. Test is open book, open notes with no time limit. Test may be taken 3 times if needed. Passing Score is 85%.
This course was first introduced in 2014. The ideal candidate must be at LEAST 12 years old by the clinic start date. Soccer playing experience is desired. Prior to the start of the clinic may find it helpful to view several videos online in order to become familiar with the basic Laws of the Game. Go to Select REFEREES at top of the page, then RESOURCE CENTER. Select on-line training, then Grade 9 Referee Course. Review Laws 1-4; 7-10, 13, and 15-17 ONLY.
Grade 9 Entry Exam - ReTest Only 
Course allows for re-testing for NEW Grade 9 entry level students who scored 70 or higher, but less than 75 on the clinic exam. Minimum score is 85. Open book. Test may be taken three times if needed.
Grd 7/6 (16/15) Sign up for 2016 All Referee Clinic 
Register to attend Fitness Testing and/or Clinic hours for Grades 7 - 5 Recertification at the Saturday July 16, 2016 All Referee Clinic. The recertification and assessment fees are paid in the appropriate link for Grade 7 or Grade 6 recertification. Grade 7Distinguished candidates pay their assessment fee in a separate course and must complete both the Fitness Test and clinic in the same session.
North Texas Registration for National Referees (Candidates) 
North Texas registration for officials that register directly with US Soccer.
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Assignor Courses
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Assignor ReCertification 
Use this for assignor re-certification ONLY. New assignors must attend the clinic scheduled at the AGM and/or Semi-AGM
Assignor Clinic 
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Instructor Courses
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Grade 8 - Online Laws & Review for INSTRUCTORS 
Test Grade 8 On-line 
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Combined Courses
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INFORMATION - 2012/13 Amendments to Laws of the Game 
Presentation of the 2012-13 Amendments to the Laws of the Game. Review prior to testing for 2013 re-certification.
Assessor Instructor Workshop 
Assessor Instructor Workshop